Guilty Pleasures

My bear Jacob indulging in some naughty bed-time reading…

Having not really written anything fictional for a good year at least, I had a random urge to have a quick look through my memory stick (a very mature pink hello kitty one I may add,) and find some writing that I could perhaps pick up again to cure my current boredom with life.

As ever, such things are never “quick” and I have found more than I bargained for, as I didn’t realise quite how far back my folders went. I discovered this little gem below, which I wrote whilst doing my 16th Century History A-Level. Yes, I have no shame, I was an ultimate geek and really loved it. The Tudor Period is full of scandal, intrigue, plotting and mystery, so what’s not to like? I shall confess for my sins now, as at the time, I was, well all right, I’ll admit, I still am, a fan of historical romances, sometimes there so shockingly bad but so good at the same time!

And so I wrote this drafted little piece below when I was about 16, 17…hence a lot of reading naughty historical romances…go on, you know you want to, read and enjoy.

This mini snippet of a story centres around Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, at the start of the Tudor dynasty with the prospect of ending the war of the roses, a dynastic civil war between the Houses of Lancaster (symbolized by a red rose) and the House of York (symbolised by a white rose.) – This may become clearer after reading. Warning: this contains some slightly explicit content… I was a teen at the time, so you must let me off, but I say you’re never too old for a guilty pleasure!

Uniting The Roses

Elizabeth of York

The first few days of the king’s accession in court have been a grand success. The king’s lavish coronation has made the court and most importantly, his people of England jubilant with celebration. Our marriage has been postponed until his title as king is fully recognised, I fear he does not want to owe his sovereignty to our union or to parliament as he has also insisted his reign be marked from the day before Bosworth. This is understandable given the circumstances however, as for some, he is still considered a usurper and his position is precarious. There are still those whose support cannot be certain, the Stanleys for example, may have helped his majesty in battle but are they truly by the king’s side? I can only pray and hope that this king, a bold Henry VII will survive such threats and bring peace to this realm.

Henry VII

The first few days at court have been surprisingly peaceful, and filled with jollity for my accession but still something perturbs me. I cannot be a hundred percent sure of the security of my position until I deal with traitors from Bosworth and secure my marriage with heirs. It is the latter which has played on my mind the most. And after dining I shall make it my next task (as opposed to more important matters of state) to finally speak to my bride to be as I have only seen her from a distance from across a room and have not had the confidence to approach her. Perhaps now I have been crowned king, some divine intervention will allow the right words to fall from my lips. Her hair is the most striking flaming red, which catches the light illuminating any room she enters, I can honestly say with all my heart I only have eyes for her. What fortune has come into my life these past few months! Support from France, victory in battle, seizing the crown from the evil Richard III and now, I have the fairest woman in England who is to be my bride. Tonight, I know now I have secured the throne and all is falling into place. The piece de resistance shall be my wooing of her.

After dining, we all enter the great hall, where joyous festivities continue whilst minstrels play and couples dance, until my eyes reach the fair Elizabeth. Her ladies in waiting surround her, of whom turned giggly and shy once they noticed my eyes were fixed in Elizabeth’s direction. With this, I take a deep breath and begin to stride towards her, just like at Bosworth, when the crown was placed on my head time has stood still, until before I knew it, I was face to face with Elizabeth.

“err….erm…was this evening…erm.. .satisfactory for you Lady Elizabeth?” I stammer.
“Yes your majesty, much more than satisfactory I assure you.” She replies smoothly.
“Well I hope that such a joyful reaction will repeat itself on our wedding day.” I reply, suddenly feeling comfortable around her.
“Most certainly your grace, I agree with you, the reaction by the people has been most auspicious.” She declares confidently.
“To be frank my lady, I have been most surprised, I only hope it can last so I can bring peace to this troubled realm. The divide between our houses Lancaster and York must end.” I reveal.

Elizabeth of York

Despite my outside confidence towards the king’s pleasantry small talk, I too am extremely shy. I contemplate how handsome the king is, his blue sparkling eyes pierce right through me and make me melt. My future role or duties as queen do not concern my mind for the present. I am not as ambitious as other women are. I shall be quite content to merely bare his children and ignore affairs of state. A quiet life at court among my ladies and fulfilling the duties to my future husband will suit me fine. His words of bringing peace to the realm melted my heart, as it is all I ever dreamed of for England and to which I reply “I hope so too your highness, with all my heart.” Finally, our union is a start in ending the wars of the roses, and the red and white rose, shall become one.

Wedding night

Henry enters the bedroom a quiver with excitement, he watches Elizabeth’s ladies disperse, revealing his red haired beauty. Her chest was open, full and pert. For fear of being too forward in front of servants, he turns away to look out the window. Once the ladies had left, Henry pours two glasses of red wine for them both. As he approaches her with is full, spilling glass Elizabeth blushes and looks downwards-avoiding Henry’s gaze as she takes her glass. As Elizabeth moves to take a sip from her glass, Henry takes her chin in his fingertips and adjusts her head so he can kiss her softly. After their short embrace, she smiles whilst looking deeply into his eyes whilst sipping her wine.
“You looked beautiful today.” Henry whispers as he begins to lean over her and kiss her neck.
“I have been so blessed by God recently, I cannot think of anything else I need or want except you.”
“Thank you, your majesty.” Elizabeth replies nervously.
“Please, call me Henry.” He orders, whilst caressing Elizabeth’s waist, neck and chest.
“Thank you…Henry” Elizabeth whispers back, groaning at his tingling, gentling touch.
Elizabeth finally gives in leans in to kiss him strong, hard and full of passion. Hastily, Henry starts to untie her nightgown and the touch of her naked back against his hand fills him with desire. Elizabeth too in retaliation unties the robe of the king as passion ribbons though her. She feels exhilarated. His wet tongue caresses hers, she could not have believed the pleasure could be more intense until they finally joined together. They both panted, breathless, back and forth they moved together. Henry continued to softly caress her all over, so attentive, so caring, he kissed her over her neck and chest, making her groan with pleasure again until suddenly a wave of pleasure washed over them, and they both reached climax in each others arms.

Queen Elizabeth and her king Henry whilst sharing the same exact moment of bliss, both shared the same thought “we’ve made a son, I know it.”

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