Some Light amongst the Darkness of Winter…


Bit of a blog about me rather than anything general this week, as unusually, nothing has been fluttering around in my brain to write about.  I have been feeling rather despondent if I’m totally honest. I’m hanging on for dear life for my sort of mini break next week, going back up t’Sheffield for my graduation, where I’ll get to see my family, friends, dress-up and just have fun! Will be nice to actually celebrate with my family and truly acknowledge my achievement, as at the moment it feels a bit like- “well there you go, go forth and get no work whatsoever! We release you into a world of not using your brain and being glued to a computer screen, blocking out the world!” So, as you can see, I am pretty desperate for a change of scene and good chill out. Although I am sure I will mourn for Sheffield, but then again we all have to grow up and move on sometime… I just feel so jittery at the moment. One minute I really want to be dedicated and try to get on a writing/ copywriting career path, the next I just want to up and leave and be in Paris or Rome within a matter of hours… I see friends on Facebook just travelling round, not a care in the world. Sometimes I think I care too much, “Oh I must get driving and I must get a job, I’ve got to save, got to do this and that.” But then, the ‘sensible me’ thinks, you need money even to just run away! And so, I come crashing back down to earth. A thirst for travel is perhaps just the desire to run away. Run away from responsibilities perhaps. Surely I’m still too young for responsibilities? (She says, turning 22 in a couple of weeks, clearly not, it’s definitely time to grow up.) Isn’t it strange how your whole world can completely change in a matter of months? As I touched on before, Sheffield feels like a blink of an eye and now I’m here. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, East Anglia. Plodding along. Hmm.

Anyway, I was trying very hard for this not to turn into a depressing entry, so let’s end on a high note! (And a bit of a personal plug.) A friend of mine has set up a fantastic photography competition called Meet my World, which calls upon photographers, amateur and professional alike, to show their world in one single image. Her inspiration for this came from the amazing work she has done for charity Amantani UK. The charity not only helps impoverished Peruvian children make the 8 hour journey to school and back, it also gets the children to use photography to strengthen their identity which has created a beautiful collection of frank insights into life in the Andes. (Click on the link below to discover more!)

Visit their website for more details on fantastic photography prizes and opportunities up for grabs! (You can receive acclaim from David Clarke, Director of Photography at the TATE, London for one thing…) So go on! Create something beautiful, moving or just plain intriguing to represent your world and show off your talent, as well as doing something for charity! Win win eh? :

I wonder what my world in an image would be. A book perhaps? But no, I love to read but now with working I get so tired, read one page and fall asleep with my head in my book, which is depressing in itself! Perhaps an image from underneath a bridge somewhere in the countryside, (as I do live in lovely Suffolk!) where the river bends to the left and you cannot see where it goes, to symbolise I have no idea where I am going or what is to come, but I hope it’s a smooth, sunny pathway, just like a calm river in the countryside…

Post Script: Below is a great 80’s-movie-like moment from my wonderful graduation in Sheffield!

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One thought on “Some Light amongst the Darkness of Winter…

  1. Everything I do now is my preparation on devoting the latter part of my life to traveling the world. Ironing out my issues in school, getting as many jobs as possible to finance the wanderlust in me..

    Here’s to reaching our dreams. 🙂

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