It’s Chriiiiiistmaaas

Oh, yes it is! And what better way to start your festive break than with a traditional panto? Yes, some of you may groan, but deep down you simply cannot resist a good old innuendo and satisfying fulfillment of convention!

But they’re more for the kids than us aren’t they, I hear some of you cry? And they always have some naff actor in as the star? The Theatre Royal’s Dick Whittington and his Cat however, does not utilize such commercial ploys. Its story may be traditional, but there are a few fantastic surprises along the way. With an under the sea scene, a journey from London to Morocco and our dame of the moment, Sarah the Cook lighting up as an agar, you won’t even have time to groan or yawn.

The set alone is vibrant with colour to brighten up these cold winter nights, and the energetic original songs will have you singing and dancing for days afterwards! The script is full of cleverly crafted humour, but is not so overt that it makes your eyes roll. It is certain to make you chuckle, (no matter how much of an Ebenezer you are).

Most importantly, it maintains a perfect balance between being traditional, topical and comical, as well as lightly mocking panto convention, much to the enjoyment of older audience members!

All this combined, it was the perfect remedy for my winter blues, as the whole atmosphere of the theatre was warm and joyous. Most importantly, I left with a massive smile on my face.

So crumple up that Christmas to do list, throw that philosophical book in the air that you keep saying you’re going to read and never will, and exclaim no!, to staying in on a week night and let loose. After all, we all have to let our hair down once in a while?

Dick Whittington and his Cat Cast!

Dick Whittington and his Cat is running until the 15 January!!

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