Social Media : speak no evil

So fellow bloggers and blog readers, I know it has been a shamefully long while since I last updated this (I’ve got in there just before it reaches a year so at least I don’t have that shame). So firstly, I sincerely apologise. Rather than update you on the highs and lows of my life however, deaths, new jobs,- I’ve been a busy girl, I’m just going to go straight back into it and do as I’ve always done on here; give you some food for thought.

Just recently I cannot stop thinking about the conflicting nature of social media. These sites allow us to express anytime anywhere exactly what we are thinking and feeling about anything. And yet, there is a sense we must be wary of what we publish. Have you ever frantically started typing a tweet or status, looked back and either edited your wording or simply clicked delete for fear of a backlash?

I have many a time. Most recently I had some time off for a sad event and I blame this sad state for me watching a morning news channel on TV of which is more like salacious magazine news than current affairs. The main morning feature was how women should behave in order to keep their men. Promoting a view that if a partner cheats or leaves, it is always to the fault of the woman. I was absolutely outraged. So as I posted how disgusted I was directly onto the relevant facebook page. But even when my argument felt justified, I still typed away thinking ‘can i do this?’ Evidently, this is ridiculous when you think about it, of course I can! I have the freedom of speech don’t I? Or do I? That is the question.

Isn’t it striking how that one silly tweet or status could ruin your life within the space of a second? Take that of Paris Brown, the recently appointed youth police commissioner who was slated for her thoughtless teen tweets. Despite their publication being prior to her appointment, this still came back to haunt her. But it’s not just the average Joe that can get caught out. Have you heard of these facebook pages set up by local police authorities where people can post their concerns? I saw a post where someone had taken a photo of a police car parked in a hatched out non parking area, and asked the police why it could be parked there. The local police authority composed a reply to explain the whys and wheres. Even with this, would you still post a picture of a police car in an inappropriate place and make comment? I think not.

So what’s best to do whilst tweeting, facebook-ing, instagram-ing and god knows what else-ing nowadays whilst online? Become a wise monkey: HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL.

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