Doctor, Doctor!

I wish I had a more articulate and exact word for how I am feeling at the moment, but all I can say is phlumph.  And that’s not even a word.  That is how empty my mind and writing skills feel at the moment.  Doesn’t take a genius to see I’m suffering from serious writers block.

I seem to have lost the ability to be like a sponge, and thus write about almost anything and everything.  Posts like this for example, I never used to write that much about myself on my blog. I used to think it a bit self-indulgent and uninteresting to others.

Perhaps I’m just getting old. The old brain cells aren’t as good so my writing isn’t as vibrant or passionate anymore. I try to keep freelancing when I can, but even that ends up rather cheesey and still not truly me.  It always feels as if you’re constantly selling yourself when you freelance write. You’re shouting buy me buy me buy me! And then, your pitch gets through and you get the job. Then, you write like they want you to write so you get paid.  

So what can I do to get the spark and the passion back? I think I know what to do, it’s just getting off you’re bum and doing it I guess; read more and above all experience more.  As the Pater saying goes, “Not the fruit of experience, but experience itself is the end.” (1873)  In terms of reading more, I’ve actually decided to go backwards and rather than forwards. I’ve decided to go back to my roots and read some forgotten women writers which I briefly looked at whilst a student. Feminist writers of the 19th Century is something I’m very passionate about, so maybe this will spark a metaphoric rocket up my backside, who knows. 

In terms of experiencing more,  although we would all ideally like to travel the world, for now, I think I just need to get out more (as sad as it sounds).  I have gotten so wrapped up in work and other things, I think I just need to make some time for me. Shamefully, I didn’t even catch the Great Gatsby, when I had been desperately awaiting its release.

I know these probably don’t sound very exciting, but it’s a start.  After writing this brief post, I only just thought to actually Google writer’s block cures.  (Isn’t it funny how we live in a Google-age, to almost any query we always say google it.)   Apart from the incredibly mundane tips such as “take a break”  “don’t be afraid” and “re-write something,” I came across a recent link ‘ 27 Wacky ways to Beat Writers Block’: “

Although advice such as ‘curse like a sailor’ does seem a bit out there, and there are again some mundane suggestions such as ‘caffeine,’ other things such as ‘write in a different time and place’ I think I may take on.  I always tend to write late in the evening, on the sofa with lots of cushions and blankets around whilst in my pyjamas.   Perhaps this only incites snooziness as opposed to creativity, and with the nights getting lighter and weather getting better who knows, maybe I can try and write earlier and outside.

Have any of you readers ever suffered from writers block and what do you do to try and galvanise yourselves?  Or perhaps there are no universal cures and it’s all just personal to you?

I think I agree with the latter.  Whatever you think your mind and body needs, is what you should do and no ‘wiki how’ or ‘blog tips’ site will actually help you. In essence, help  yourself.Image 

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